15-Minute Potluck Recipes

On hot Texas afternoons, this fluffy salad is refreshing. The blueberry orchard near our home is where we get berries for this and other recipes. 

Freeze blueberries and strawberries when they're out of season for similar results. Conroe, Texas' Karen WenzelWisconsin "transplant" living in Texas.

After 20 years, I still love our local citrus. It can be a main dish this way. Over meat, poultry, or fish, tangy fruit, spicy jalapeno, and distinctive cilantro work well. 

We dip chips in it. McAllen, Texas' Lois KildahlMy family has always liked this crunchy four-ingredient snack.

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Campers bring one extra ingredient like mini marshmallows, corn chips, or cookies. 

The combinations are always surprising and taste different. Amarillo's Shelley RiddlespurgerWe make a sandwich masterpiece from Cobb salad for quick meals.

I sometimes make wraps with tortillas instead of bread. Medina, Ohio's Kimberly GrusendorfMy dad and brother love radishes

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