Soggier: Frozen or Fresh Spinach?

After learning how to prepare spinach, you may be wondering if fresh or frozen is superior. Frozen spinach avoids the shrinking that occurs when cooked fresh.

 In addition, quick-cook and flash-freeze methods keep spinach's nutrients better than other at-home cooking methods. 

 The best part is that frozen spinach is inexpensive and easier to keep.

However, frozen spinach often has too much moisture and limpness.

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The veggie's frozen water swells and damages the leaves. A mound of soggy, oversaturated greens results when spinach thaws again, unless you immediately apply heat to remove the water

 A vigorous stove-top cook or fast microwave thaw will do.

Squeezing reduces mushiness, but fresh spinach usually has a superior texture. However, with proper planning, any strategy can work.

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