7  Amazing Mushroom Facts

The popularity of mushrooms is not surprising; low-carb, rich in antioxidants and vitamins B and D, they provide protein and are a cheap meat alternative.

Many mycophobes dislike mushrooms for their texture, but mold can also make them disgusting. 

Mushrooms are beneficial whether you like them or not. Reishi and tremella mushrooms are trending wellness components in adaptogen pills  and skin-care products . 

Mushrooms branch into rootlike mycelium to break down plant and animal waste and replenish soil nutrients.

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The Last of Us, HBO's hit series about an infected Cordyceps species that turns the victim into a zombie-like mushroom monster, may have familiarized you with “mycelium”. 

Mushrooms are back on lamp fixtures, wallpaper, and throw pillows 50 years after they ruled the '70s fashion and design scene. 

This incredibly rare penny is considered a numismatic treasure due to its astronomical valuation of $1.7 million and the fact that only a small number of them are known to exist. 

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