Vitamin A-Rich Foods to Eat

Each large carrot has 12,028 IU of vitamin A, more than double the daily recommended 5,000.

The green veggie has 2,813 IU per cup, so a couple handfuls for lunch will enhance your physique.

If you need a portable snack, try dried apricots. One cup contains 4,685 IU of vitamin A, iron, vitamin B6, and magnesium.

Want another incentive to eat cantaloupe regularly? A large wedge contains 3,450 IU of vitamin A, while a tiny melon (149 cals) contains 15,000 IU.

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Try red bell peppers in your next stir-fry: Just one large pepper provides 5,135 IU of vitamin A.

This may require sitting. One cup of cubed or 5” whole sweet potatoes has 18,869 IU. Eat up!

Want something cool? Grab a grapefruit. Each pink or red fruit has 2,830 IU of vitamin A.

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