According to the Zodiac, On 2/9, Under the New Moon, Some People Will Rekindle Old Flames. 

Amidst this cosmic rebirth, three zodiac signs are being enticed to rediscover the comfort of past romances. 

If you're a Cancer, the New Moon is like a rippling river that brings you back to the shores of a lost love. 

In the stillness of your existence, the echoes of this love that has never really vanished will resound. 

Leo  Leo, you exude an aura that is both majestic and inviting, like the sun's beams, which you use to your advantage while simultaneously attracting adoration and attention.  

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Your romantic path is defined by a yearning for ardor, devotion, and a bond that not only echoes but also revels in your enthusiasm and selflessness. 

Virgo When it comes to matters of the heart, Virgo, you have always been more methodical and analytical.  

However, when the New Moon approaches, you may be reminded of a past relationship that, despite its complications, had an intensity of bond that has been difficult to recreate. 

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