Almost $89 million USD for a Rare Bicentennial Quarter: Gems in excess of $999,999 worth nine more 

In this article, we will reveal nine additional coins that are worth more than $999,999 in jewels and delve into the incredible worth of the rare Bicentennial Quarter. 

Our selection revolves around the Bicentennial Quarter, the main attraction.  

It has entered the annals of numismatic legendry with an astounding valuation of $89 million USD. 

In 1794, the United States Mint was established, and our trip through rare coins begins there. 

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Having this item in your possession is the same as having a physical artifact from the early United States. 

Notable for its association with a watershed event in American history, the 1933 Double Eagle coin has garnered widespread media attention. 

There is tremendous historical value in this gold coin because it is a symbol of a different time. 

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