An Important Thing to Keep in Mind Prior to Freezing Oranges 

The value of frozen fruit is well-known to smoothie enthusiasts. 

While both of these fruits are basic ingredients in most ice recipes, there are others that are less frequent and, as a result, might be more perplexing to freeze. 

There is one crucial piece of information about preparing oranges for storage that you should remember if you plan on doing so. 

Because of their peels, oranges aren't the most ideal long-term storage option.  

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It's natural to think that they'll freeze best whole, without the peel, but this isn't always the case.  

As the fruit cools down, its internal juices may expand, perhaps bursting the fruit's skin in a mini-explosion.  

On top of that, the bitter taste of the peel might be amplified when it's frozen, so you probably don't want it anyhow. 

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