Aries Signs That Are Easily Disinterested 

Aries people are fast to get to the point. So, you'll find out if they're interested in you, but it doesn't guarantee it will last.  

Leo  Leos have high expectations, and one of those criteria is getting the attention they crave.  

When someone is thinking about them or talking to them all the time, it makes them happy.  

Mars Gemini Another sign that Sagittarius dislikes is being told what they can't do or how quickly they can't do something.  

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When they encounter someone who is just as inquisitive and daring as they are, they instantly feel attracted to them. 

Aquarius sign Pisces is famously faithful in committed partnerships, but once they know you, that loyalty wanes.  

Their idealistic ideals and predisposition for romantic ideals cause them to lose interest in a blossoming relationship the moment it falls short of their ideal. 

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