Before February 6, 2024, Three Zodiac Signs Might Feel Cold Love. 

The Capricorn Moon's inclination toward logical conduct, pragmatic reasoning, and realism suggests that we could be more attuned to some current realities. 

When you're hurt by love's disappointment, it's simple for you to feel cold.  

Unsurprisingly, it will cause you great distress and occupy your thoughts constantly.  

There will be moments when you wish you could actually be as icy as you act.  

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On February 6, 2024, you, Virgo, know yourself better than anyone else, but that doesn't mean you can't persuade a romantic partner of your emotional availability. 

Just being a Scorpio means you may display your icy-cold demeanor to whomever you want. It's your expertise, really.  

This is going to be one frigid day, so if you're already feeling down, you might as well chill out.  

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