Being named "Sexiest Athlete in the World" Allegedly, Alica Schmidt declined a "six-figure" sponsorship deal. 

A famous company approached me with an offer two months ago.  

That is something I'm not at ease with. For a campaign, that would have cost in the middle to upper six figures. 

According to Schmidt, who has been named the "sexiest athlete in the world," a "well-known" corporation made the substantial offer. 

Schmidt appears to be passing over a substantial sum of money, given the amount he earns from sponsorship deals for German national team members. 

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Obviously, Schmidt's enormous social media following allows her to augment that pitiful wage.  

She has broken into the influencer industry and partnered with numerous international brands thanks to her massive online following. 

Schmidt, who is 25 years old, walked Hugo Boss's runway in 2023 as part of the designer's clothes line. 

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