4 Dog Stress Reduction Tips

Walking, hiking, or playing fetch regularly gets your dog's heart beating. Exercise burns energy and releases endorphins, which boost happiness and relaxation.

You gain exercise and reduce stress by walking! Try to explore with your dog every morning or evening.

We usually retreat to our room or another cozy spot when anxious or exhausted. Beds and kennels are also essential for our dogs.

Respecting your dog's space is crucial to decreasing anxiety. Don't let kids play with the crate or sit on your dog's bed.

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Some foods can ease anxiety, and diet can affect it. If your dog is always agitated, ask the physician about the best dog probiotics. 

Adding supplements to your dog's diet requires expert advice. A specialist will know how much supplement your dog requires based on breed, size, and weight.

As someone who grew up eating Philly cheesesteaks regularly during my formative years, I must tip my hat to the classic cheesesteak; there's nothing else like it in the world 

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