Best American Foods According To Foreigner

American food is more than just burgers and fries. People from other countries have their favorites, and they might surprise you.  

First, you've got that gooey, melty cheese that makes everything better. Then, there's the comfort of soft, fluffy potatoes that fill you up just right.  

This campfire classic has folks from around the world buzzing. Why? Because it's a taste adventure! You've got that crispy graham cracker, then a layer of melty chocolate 

Made famous by New Englanders, there is arguably no American food more decadent than lobster rolls. Luscious lobster meat combined with mayonnaise stuffed into a soft roll 

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According to many visitors to the States, their first taste of smoked brisket was a life-changing culinary experience, as the richness  

Americans know how to bake amazing desserts and sweets, and the rest of the world is jealous! Chocolate chip cookies are unique because no other country can get them right.  

As someone who grew up eating Philly cheesesteaks regularly during my formative years, I must tip my hat to the classic cheesesteak; there's nothing else like it in the world 

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