"Best Decision Ever": Mini American Shepherd Receives a New Puppy on His Birthday 

Both Finn and Forrest are miniature shepherds; Forrest is a puppy while Finn is an adult.   

We were certain he would find a best friend among dogs because of how much he adored them. 

"We decided it was time for his second birthday, and the rest is history," reads a following statement.  

Finn and Forrest are shown engaging in various activities, such as playing on grass and lounging on a sofa, in the film. 

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This statement was made in an article published in February 2013 by Psychology Today on the topic of dogs. 

According to Stanley Coren, an emeritus professor in the University of British Columbia's Department of Psychology and author of multiple canine-related works,.

asserts a study published in Scientific Reports in March 2019, so it's not surprising that the two canine siblings have such a strong bond. 

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