Chicken Recipes That Stand Out

Kung Pao Chicken is a spicy, exciting dish. A rich sauce with chicken, peanuts, and chilies is spicy. 

 Spice lovers will love this easy recipe.When you need a sensory soup, try Chicken Hot and Sour. 

Spices and tanginess combine with tender chicken to create a delicious dish.

 For cold nights or when you want to refresh your palate, this soup warms you up.

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This crispy Mochiko flour-coated fried chicken is a twist on the classic.

those nights when you want to spice up your chicken, this dish is simple to make.Want an easy, cozy meal? Instant Pot Tortilla Soup covers you. 

Flavorful chicken, beans, and corn are topped with crispy tortilla strips for crunch. 

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