Common Dog Breeds That Most People Should Stay Away From 

Their obstinacy is comparable to that of a mule on a Monday morning, yet they are also quite friendly and occasionally humorous. 

Their training will be as challenging as persuading a youngster that eating veggies is more enjoyable than eating candy.  

Their ideal owner is a tough, seasoned veteran with the soft touch of a dog whisperer .

So, you might want to pass on this breed unless you're ready for a long-term commitment that tests your patience to the limit. 

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Behold the Chow Chow, the canine equivalent of a fortune cookie-eating teddy bear—adorable yet distant and formidable. 

The typical dog owner will find this puffball to be a bit hard to handle due to its extreme independence and stubbornness. 

They rival Romeo and Juliet in stubbornness and devotion, and their attitude may rival that of any adolescent.  

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