Data about the longest-lived dog breed—plus 

There are two sizes available for these energetic, intelligent, and athletic dogs: standard (weighing no more than 22 pounds) and toy (weighing no more than 12 pounds).  

The Manchester's sleek, small, muscular frame belies its tremendous strength and speed, allowing it to vanquish a slew of unwanted visitors. 

As a toy, the Italian greyhound is lively, loving, and attentive.  

Their intelligence and sensitivity are a cross between lapdogs and old, noble hounds.  

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These high-stepping charmers have been bred for generations to be loving companions and clowns, and they won't be ignored no matter what. 

Boston terriers are easily recognizable by their small stature and sharp tuxedo coat. 

Because of their robust yet transportable build, friendly disposition, and love of going for walks around town, they make wonderful city dogs. 

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