Dog breeds that live the longer

A medium-sized dog weighing between 35 and 45 pounds, standard schnauzers are sociable companions, alert watchdogs, good with kids, and protective of loved ones 

Weighing about 24 pounds, this dog is alert, outgoing, and even has a sense of humor. These companions are recognized by the mass of hair covering their foreheads.  

The pug is a small yet muscular breed. These dogs can be happy in the city or country, with kids or older adults, as an only pet, or as part of a group of pets 

This medium-sized breed's trademark is a coat that ranges from golden red to dark copper with white markings. 

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A little over 10 inches tall and about 12 pounds, this breed is among the smallest working terriers bred to hunt small vermin 

The Kerry blue terrier is famous for its blue coat. Named after the Irish county of its birth, this one-time farm dog is now an alert, adaptable, 

The keeshond's temperament is friendly, lively, and outgoing. A medium-sized spitz dog, this breed is famous for its distinctive "spectacles"—shadings 

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