Eight Top Million-Dollar Rare Bicentennial Quarters and 6 Over $100K 

Remarkably, the Bicentennial Quarter—a symbol of awe and wonder—has fetched prices of ten million dollars and more.  

Within this listicle, we expose the eight most exquisite Bicentennial Quarters, each priced at $10,000, along with six more that surpass $100,000. 

Join us as we explore the numismatic gems that collectors from all around the globe consider priceless. 

This extremely uncommon example is the pinnacle of Bicentennial Quarters;  

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it has exceptional preservation, is historically significant, and features distinctive minting anomalies. 

Liberty dancing among the stars is shown in elaborate detail on a section of the Bicentennial Quarters.  

Collectors treasure these uncommon coins for their symbolic value and artistic merit, which puts their value in the millions. 

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