Enhance Your Popcorn with This Homemade Seasoning Blend. 

Give yourself a treat the next time you whip up some popcorn by adding some flavor.  

I am adamant. Sprinkle your preferred custom popcorn spice over a large bowl of the crispy goodness. 

I am not referring about the inane powder you find in the grocery store's bottle.  

Instead of spending money on pricey popcorn salt, why not produce all the flavors you could ever want?  

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Eat plain popcorn (you should really use it as packing material) unless you're on a strict diet. 

Flavoring with salt and finely powdered seasonings is all that's needed, rather than a ton of butter or oil.  

Each burst kernel has its own unique pattern of hooks, crags, and ditches that trap the ultra-fine particles, resulting in a handful that is flavorful and balanced.  

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