Expert-Recommended Dog Breeds for Good Health 

Owners should consult experts to ascertain whether their Azawakh is of a healthy weight, as the American Kennel Club states that the breed's structure inherently shows their bone structure. 

Despite being a tall species, they only weigh about 44 pounds,  

which could be a contributing factor to their remarkable 15-year life expectancy. 

Although they are well-known as noble hunters, English Foxhounds are not as well-known as household pets.  

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These hard-working animals have a long, sturdy body and powerful lungs that allow them to train for lengthy periods of time. 

Their energy levels aren't as high as those of other breeds, but they still need plenty of exercise to keep themselves calm inside and avoid cramped areas. 

While they are generally healthy dogs with a life expectancy of up to thirteen years, owners should be mindful of the fact that they are susceptible to a few health issues.  

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