Hound breeds

Basset hounds are friendly, gregarious dogs who make terrific pets despite their droopy appearance. French basset hounds were bred to hunt rabbits in the 16th century.

The bloodhound is another drooping yet handsome hound. This huge breed (80–100 pounds) is employed for search and rescue due to its amazing sense of scent. 

Beagles, which weigh 20–30 pounds, are popular family dogs. In 2022, they were the ninth most popular US dog breed.

At 130 pounds and named "wolfhound," this hound dog is menacing. Despite their appearance, Irish Wolfhounds are calm, gentle giants that make terrific pets.

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A bluetick coonhound's speckled blue coat is immediately noticeable. Blue-blooded, it was given to George Washington by a French aristocrat after the American Revolutionary War. 

American Kennel Cub first noticed American foxhounds. George Washington is credited with breeding them to hunt foxes. 

Another genuinely American hound dog, black and tan coonhounds are bloodhound-American foxhound mixes from the southeastern U.S. 

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