How Do You Make Burgoo?

Burgoo is cooked in big kettles over open flames for community events, parties, and fundraisers during the Kentucky Derby, with each cook claiming to have the best recipe.

With generations of families and home cooks passing down burgoo recipes, there are too many to count.

A bowl of burgoo and a glass of Kentucky bourbon before the race are believed to bring luck.

Burgoo usually has at least three meats and plenty of vegetables like corn, potatoes, and lima beans.

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ome Kentucky burgoo recipes don't use cabbage; ours does. Whiskey or other secret ingredients may be added.

This stew is good for days and clears the fridge.Locals used to bring chicken, mutton, rabbit, pheasant, squirrel, and possum to make huge community vats. 

Burgoo, like Brunswick stew in the South, booyah in the upper Midwest, and New Orleans gumbo, has a rich history.

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