How to Make Dessert from Grilled Cheese

think we owe grilled cheese an apology. Do we think grilled cheese can only do two slices of bread, butter, and cheese? No more. 

Most important: dessert grilled cheese. You heard right.Dessert. Grilled. Cheese.

Take these nine grilled cheese sandwich variations to appreciate them in a new way.

Did I mention this bad boy has whipped mascarpone and crunchy pistachios? Better and better. 

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Brioche makes the perfect dessert cheese, and we all know Nutella goes with everything. 

Literally everything.The most unexpected grilled cheese pairing is sweet brie and juicy blueberries.

I would also add blueberry jam for sweetness. Add a healthy sprinkle of powdered sugar for a simple, dessert-worthy grilled cheese.Surprise: 

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