Italian Pasta Classics You Should Have Learned Early

From Tuscany's rolling hills to Rome's bustling streets, Italy has pasta for every mood and occasion.

These dishes bring Italy to your table with simple ingredients and methods, so you don't need a chef or fancy kitchen. 

Expect to impress friends and family with your new pasta-making skills!Pasta e Fagioli Soup feels like home.

The hearty, filling bowl is perfect for nights when you need comfort.

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 It will be your go-to for family dinners and cozy nights once you master it.Avoid your typical pizza order

This golden-crusted pizza with savory and crisp flavors adds a fresh twist to pizza night. 

 You'll wonder why you didn't try it on pizza sooner.Nothing warms you up like Tortellini Soup with Kale & Chicken on a cold night.

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