Love Labradors for 7 reasons

Google cute dog, what do you get? Lots of Labrador puppies. More needed. Considering they don't fit in your pocket or on your lap, they're much more astounding.

Labradors enjoy greeting everyone, especially their master, who is welcomed home like a long-lost best friend even if he just went for a pint of milk.

Labs have a thick, tapering "otter tail" that distinguishes them. Instead of feathers like the Golden Retriever, their tail has dense fur like an extension of their body. 

Labs are always excited for sport due to their working dog history. They love a 20-mile trip, a rainy walk, retrieving a ball from freezing water, or a week of camping in nice weather. 

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This is useful when you want to leave your Lab with someone while on vacation. Any company will do as long as they are fed and exercised, as their stomach is their heart.

See the "Andrex Puppy," a lovely and fluffy yellow Lab puppy used to market Andrex (Kleenex Cottonelle) toilet tissue. These pups are unbelievably cuddly. All they want is cuddling.

This incredibly rare penny is considered a numismatic treasure due to its astronomical valuation of $1.7 million and the fact that only a small number of them are known to exist. 

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