7 French Bulldog Facts

The French bulldog's origins are unknown, however most sources indicate English bulldogs. English lace makers liked toy dogs and used them as lap warmers.

Frenchies were bred to be companionable and affectionate. Despite being slow to housebreak, they get along with other dogs and don't bark.

Pool owners should supervise their French bulldogs because they can't swim due to their squat build and bulbous head. If you arrange a beach vacation, your pet may feel left out.

Abrachycephalic French Bulldogs have shorter snouts than other dogs. These pushed-in faces might cause respiratory issues. 

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The English Twycross Zoo was worried about Malone, a newborn orangutan abandoned by his mother. The tiny man was saved by Bugsy, a 9-year-old French bulldog.

Frenchies are sensitive and take criticism seriously. French bulldogs may take scolding seriously and mope around the home.

Enjoy them with a cup of coffee or at a party; they're simple to make and delicious. 

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