On February 8, 2024, zodiac signs will let their pride get the best of them. 

Whatever we decide to name it—"I'm right" or "you are wrong"—whatever it is, on February 8, 2024, we will feel exceedingly arrogant and forceful on our seen sole path forward. 

Someone close to you might accuse you of being dishonest on February 8, 2024.  

You will never acknowledge their validity, regardless of how true they may be.  

Virgo, this individual is also not like others you've encountered. 

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You rely on this individual, and they are someone you love and respect.  

As the Sun squares Uranus on February 8, 2024, you may find yourself resolving a quarrel that began a few days earlier.  

It's as if this issue is here to stay. Your pride won't allow you to give in, which is why it has such lasting power. 

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