Potentially Harmful Super Bowl Foods for Dogs 

Say no to those puppy dog eyes at game time and educate yourself on which human foods are harmful to your pet. 

Although it's tempting to give your dog some of the celebration foods you'll be eating during the Super Bowl, there are some that are poisonous to dogs.  

Nobody wants to hear "no" when the puppy dog eyes come out during game time, therefore pet owners and guests should be aware of which human foods are harmful to pets. 

If you allow your pets wander free, your guests may be tempted to feed them from their plates, even if they beg. 

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So, be sure to remind them not to do so. Until the food is set aside, it's best to keep your dog away from the party, 

advises veterinarian Alysper Cormanes DVM, if you know that your house guests have a tendency to do this. 

If fed to dogs without the bone, grilled ribs are a healthy and filling snack option.  

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