Rare $15 Million Bicentennial Quarters and Dimes Are Still Circulating 

One of the most fascinating aspects of numismatics is the pleasure of finding rare coins that are in circulation among common people.  

Just picture yourself discovering a Bicentennial Quarter or a dime that is worth an incredible fifteen million dollars!  

Many people don't give dimes much thought, yet there are rare types that can make a dime worth a pretty penny.  

Some dime notes with a face value of fifteen million dollars are amazingly still in circulation.  

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These priceless coins typically have unique mint markings or flaws that make them more valuable than before. 

An important component in a coin's worth is its rarity. What makes Bicentennial Quarters and certain dimes so desirable is their scarcity.  

The mystique and appeal of these coins are heightened by their increasing rarity, which collectors and aficionados are determined to keep for themselves. 

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