7 Cool White Dog Breeds to Own

Maltese dogs are fantastic pets due of their white coats. These tiny dogs are kind and seeking human connection.

Samoyeds are attractive, friendly, and social. Samoyeds, originally designed to herd reindeer, make great household dogs.

Westies are self-assured and great pets for active people and families. Westies are smart and active, always ready for an adventure despite their little stature.

Bichon Frises are soft cotton balls! Friendly and playful, these canines are popular with families. Bichon Frises are versatile and can live in apartments.

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Great Pyrenees are beautiful canines with thick, white coats. They are docile and calm, originally intended to guard animals.

Though named American Eskimo canines, they are German Spitz-type canines. Small to medium-sized dogs have gorgeous white coats that resemble snow.

Dalmatians are energetic, athletic, and durable canines. Intelligent and loyal, they adore being part of an active household that gives them exercise and mental stimulation. 

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