Seeking the ideal lipstick 

Since I tend to stick to what I know, I find it challenging to experiment with new cosmetics.  

Despite all the online and offline discussion, I still don't think Mac Ruby Woo is the ideal color; in my opinion, it leans more toward cherry red than red-red.  

Sephora No. 1 is my go-to shade of red; it's not quite red enough; it's more of a tomato red.  

There you have it. I have yet to find the ideal shade of red. 

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I will also resist the urge to follow the latest lip trend of using lip liner to create four cracks and then glossing over them.  

I resolved to try new things this year, and I'm starting with purchasing lipsticks from brands I've never used before.  

One trick is to apply the lipstick on top of another shade like a colored gloss; this will give you a different tint every time. 

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