Selecting the Finest "Couch Potato" Dogs 

Dog lovers may find their perfect match when they meet a canine friend who feels the same way.  

These dog breeds are great for families or individuals who want a low-energy pet that won't sacrifice any of the joys of dog ownership, like company or exercise. 

Canine  Labrador Retrievers are often thought of as extroverted and sociable dogs, but as they get older, they can really be rather sedentary.  

Because of their versatility, Labs can be just as happy spending time indoors with their people as they are playing outside or engaging in regular exercise. 

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With their calm demeanor and easygoing nature, they are perfect companions for families, content to relax after a day of play.  

Because of their calm demeanor, patience, and devotion to their family, labs are ideal pets for households with little disruptions. 

Basset Hounds lean more toward a laid-back attitude because to their diminutive stature, large ears, and droopy eyes. 

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