Shop Costco for the Cutest Valentine's Day Treats 

A sea of heart-shaped chocolate boxes lines the aisles of the grocery store. 

With less than two weeks to go until Valentine's Day, businesses like Costco are already stocked with all sorts of festive merchandise. 

The warehouse club has been launching seasonal items to get shoppers in the Valentine's Day mood over the past few weeks. 

The ideal Valentine's Day delicacy is heart-shaped chocolate, and Costco is assisting customers in stocking up on this beloved delight. 

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The Ghirardelli Chocolate Hearts Assortment is now available in a two-bag deal at the warehouse club.  

Two Lindt strawberry-flavored chocolates are available in a single package at Costco.  

The chocolatier's Strawberries & Cream truffles, which are wrapped in white chocolate.

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