Signs of the Zodiac That Will Fall Head Over Heels for Love This Spring 

It's a season of renewal, both physically and emotionally.  

Sign of the Ram  As the zodiac's messengers, Aries charge headfirst into spring, propelled by Mars's ferocious fury.  

Your natural enthusiasm and energy are magnified during this season, attracting romantic interests at a magnetic pull. 

Cancer As you go through spring, Cancer, your emotions will flourish as the season's gentle touch opens your heart to deep relationships. 

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Inviting a love that touches you deeply, the stars are in harmony this spring to fill your emotional tank. 

Sign of the Leo  As the zodiac's inherent peacemaker, Libra, this spring is shaping up to be a beautiful canvas onto which you can paint the romantic possibilities of your life.  

You are more attractive and naturally inclined to seek out company as a result of the benefic influence of Venus, your ruling planet. 

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