Simple and Delicious Cherry Dump Cake Recipe 

A timeless treat that never fails to wow is cherry dump cake.  

The ease of preparation is the best part about this sweet delight.  

The only ingredients are melted butter, yellow cake mix, and cherry pie filling.  

To make this simple dessert, simply layer a baking dish with cherry filling, top with cake mix, and then drizzle with melted butter. 

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What was the outcome? A dessert that will have everyone asking for more—it's golden, sparkling, and delicious. 

If you're looking for a delectable twist on the "dump and bake" concept, try this Cherry Pie Filling Dump Cake. 

Holidays, special events, potlucks, or just because you want to surprise someone lovely with this Cherry Dump Cake recipe are all good reasons to whip up a batch. 

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