Slow-Cooker Dinner Dump

I love fajitas like they serve in Mexican restaurants, but my homemade ones were always chewy.

 Then I made slow cooker fajitas, which my husband and I devoured. Fresh cilantro gives these fajitas an authentic flavor. 

Kate Urso, Seneca, IllinoisSeasoned turkey legs and tender vegetables make this meal perfect for fall. 

 Comforting and moist, Rick and Vegas Pearson of Cadillac, Michigan's recipe is perfect!Serve this Italian masterpiece to guests. 

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You can chat with guests while it simmers, and it usually gets rave reviews. I serve it with couscous, green beans, and dry red wine. 

Mangia! —Martha Schirmacher, Sterling Heights, MI“Foolproof” describes my barbecue pork recipe. 

Sarah Johnson, Chicago, IllinoisMy best friend is my slow cooker. I use it three times a week. This Asian short ribs recipe is my favorite. Also use the sauce on other meats. 

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