Snacks You Can Make From Scratch

When making them yourself, you can make these fun cheesy crackers in any shape, not just fish.

This Smitten Kitchen recipe lets home cooks make the snack that smiles back.

You can make this fun snack at home, despite your doubts. Believe it or not, homemade is better.

This step-by-step recipe from Amy's Healthy Baking replicates Teddy Grahams' crunchy sweetness with six ingredients.

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It's been an after-school snack since our 4-H club gave us this recipe. We like to dip crescent roll pizza bites in spaghetti sauce. 

Donna Klettke, Wheatland, MOThe Dessert For Two recipe uses carrots, mango, strawberry, and beets, making them healthier than typical fruit snacks.

Candice Lumley, Charles City, IowaThis addictive layer of salty wheat is hard to replicate in the kitchen, but The Decorated Cookie found the formula for crunch.

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