Still in circulation are two rare dimes and a RaRe bicentennial quarter, valued at $19 million apiece. 

Finding rare coins in regular circulation is an exciting experience in the broad domain of numismatics.  

The 1969-S dime, one of innumerable coins traded every day, is a real mystery.  

This seemingly little ten-cent coin has an interesting backstory that it was struck in San Francisco.  

The numismatic miracle that is the 1969-S dime is worth an estimated $19 million. 

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Due to its low mintage and several noticeable mistakes, this coin is extremely rare and highly sought after by collectors all over the globe. 

Another little coin with a remarkable story is the 1970-S dime, which is like opening a time capsule. 

Due to the paucity of documentation on its minting, this particular dime remains a mystery. 

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