Super Bowl finger food recipes!

This pickle charcuterie board is perfect for cocktail parties and cookouts.

 It is inexpensive to make, making it ideal for feeding a large group a healthy snack. 

This bread pairs well with pasta, steak, and everything in between thanks to its generous amount of roasted garlic, fragrant rosemary, and juicy fresh tomatoes.

Wing platters make great starters or snacks to share. This idea creates an epic collection. 

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For wing lovers, serve a variety of wings, carrots, celery, and dips for an unforgettable appetizer.

The perfect snack for gameday, movie nights, or just because are Air Fryer Frozen French Fries.

We make the best Bacon Ranch Fries by air-frying frozen French fries to golden, crispy perfection and topping them with bacon, cheese, ranch dressing.

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