The Aquarius Stellium Predicts Big Life Changes This February 

Taurus  Your tenth house of career is under the influence of Aquarius, so you can forget about escaping the limelight.  

No need to freak out if you find out that your influencer gig has been canceled or is controversial; public opinion can be fickle, and your detractors will move on to something else soon enough.  

Leo  The seventh house of relationships is being activated by this stellium, and you're accustomed to its slightly unusual nature, typical of Aquarius. 

But this time around, you and your partner may both discover something that doesn't set well with you.  

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For those of you who aren't preparing to load up the U-Haul this week, the energy of the new moon will manifest as a revelation regarding your ancestral home. 

.While you may be surprised by the family secrets you discover, there isn't much you can't find out on your own.  

For some, this stellium will be a more solemn occasion as they return to their hometowns for a burial. To grieve, you must give yourself time. 

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