The Best and Worst Dog Breeds for Your Health 

In the United States, French Bulldogs have surpassed all other dog breeds in popularity.  

There are other dangers associated with owning a Frenchie besides dognapping.  

These puppies can develop a wide range of health problems, which can result in increasing medical expenses over the course of their lives.  

Critics of the breed say it's inhumane to breed a dog with so many health issues, and some have even called for a ban on French Bulldog breeding.  

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If you aren't willing to part with your hard-earned cash, you should think twice before owning any breed, not just Frenchies.  

Keep reading to learn about the five dog breeds that are most prone to health problems, as well as the five that are usually the healthiest. 

If not properly bred, this majestic breed might develop hip problems. 

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