How to Maintain a Healthy and Lovely Coat on Your Golden Retriever 

Make sure you pet them all over, paying special attention to their tails and paws.  

Cradle them "backward." Caress the coat with your fingertips while running them counterclockwise to the direction the fur grows.  

Even though it's painful for most dogs, it's essential so you can give them a good brushing afterwards. 

Let new grooming equipment be introduced gradually. Just by gazing at or touching the items, reward your Golden with snacks. 

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Before you do anything loud, such use a nail dremel or hair dryer, give them a chance to hear it from a distance. 

First, have them touch the objects to their coat; then, have them use them for brief intervals. 

Allow them to move at their own pace whenever you can. Work with your dog multiple times daily, but be careful not to overdo it. 

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