The Oldest Dog Breeds

With their lion-like mane and haughty disposition, Chow Chows live 9–15 years.

Shetland Sheepdogs, known for their intelligence and agility, live 12–15 years.

Due of their loyalty and unique appearance, Lhasa Apsos live 12–15 years.

Pugs live 12–15 years and are lovely. Managing health issues requires regular veterinarian care.

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Shiba Inus, famed for their independence, live 12–16 years. Their robust physique and superb health extend their lifespan.

Most Tibetan Spaniels live 12–15 years and are affable and alert. These little but strong canines live longer due to their exceptional health.

Maltese dogs, with their exquisite white coats, live 12–15 years.

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