The 'Shady Hollow' Zodiac Sign That Best Represents You 

Sign of Aries:    Your intelligence and commitment to your job shine through, whether it's following a police manual or establishing your own regulations when called for.  

Your fearless nature isn't the only thing that gets you through, though. 

Joe Elkin, proprietor of Joe's Mug, is the most cherished and reliable resident of Shady Hollow, and you, Taurus, are most like him. 

Given your strong preference for predictability, it's not surprising that you're most like the town's one reliable business owner.  

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You are a bright, gregarious, and amiable individual, Gemini. 

Like Esme, you can't sit still; the complex beaver has a posh background, but she still chooses to work at Joe's Mug to provide for her family.  

Esme is well-liked by the locals because she shares these attributes with you, Gemini. 

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