Vets Share Their Top 5 Dog Walk Safety Tips

Most dogs should walk regularly, says Dr. Conrad. But "the length of your walk very much depends on breed, age, and overall physical health."

French bulldogs, pugs, and Boston terriers are especially sensitive to extreme temperatures.

Remember that "Dogs may slow down, look in your direction, or outright refuse to move if they are feeling tired or don't want to walk," adds Dr. Conrad.

"Behaviorally, there's nothing wrong with your dog frequently stopping to sniff their environment, and it can be good enrichment for them," Dr. Miller says.

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Dr. Miller advises against reprimanding or punishing your dog, even if it's mild like yanking on their collar. 

It promotes a focus on teaching dogs what we want them to do, such as having good manners, rather than focusing on behaviors we deem undesired.

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