Top-Rated Canine IQ Tests

These intelligent, agile, and hardworking dogs were originally selected to herd cattle in the harsh Australian outback.  

The unusual coat coloration of Australian Cattle Dogs—sometimes called a "blue" or "red" heeler— 

adds to their stunning appearance and is a reflection of their ability to withstand and adapt to difficult environmental circumstances. 

By fusing power with intelligence, Rottweilers have earned a reputation as one of the most perceptive canine breeds.  

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Rottweilers are frequently used as assistance dogs and police dogs because of their dependability and devoted nature, as well as their protective instincts. 

Rottweilers once belonged to the Roman army and were used as guard dogs and herders, which is an intriguing fact about their history.  

They are still highly adaptable working dogs and cherished household pets thanks to their strong constitution and intelligence. 

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