Upcoming Horoscope: Wednesday, February 14, 2024 

The transit doesn't happen until 1:05 am (EST), but it will definitely have an effect throughout the day.  

Relationship problems could arise later in the day when Venus, in Capricorn, forms a square to the Moon, in Aries.  

While this conjunction encourages us to take action on our goals and aspirations,  

we should exercise caution and consider the consequences of our actions before moving forward hastily.  

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Furthermore, the Moon enters Taurus from Aries at midday and creates multiple squares during the day.  

The first of these is to Pluto in Aquarius, which can cause explosive emotions and a desire to rebel against whatever or whoever you perceive as hindering your progress.  

In the future, it will form a square with Mars in Aquarius, which may cause you to act more impulsively. 

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