Velvet Brownies in Red 

The middle of a red velvet brownie is extremely fudgy, while the edges are just slightly chewy.   

These brownies get their distinctive red velvet color from liquid red food coloring and chocolate flavor from cocoa powder. 

If you want your brownies to be really fudgy and have that crackly top that the finest brownies have, try substituting melted butter for oil. 

Although it's not required, the addition of the cream cheese icing enhances the flavor of any red velvet dessert. 

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No matter the occasion—Valentine's Day, Christmas, or just because you want red velvet—make these brownies.  

They taste much like red velvet cake but are considerably simpler and quicker to create. 

Melt the butter and combine it with the granulated sugar and brown sugar in a big bowl. 

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