Where Every State's Finest Burgers Are Available 

Despite numerous efforts to elevate it, the hamburger was not originally meant to be a gourmet or expensive meal. 

Ideally, a burger shop would not have franchised itself to oblivion, but rather would have remained true to its roots, 

thrived in less-than-ideal locations, and become more than just a food court—in other words, a real burger joint. 

Sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, chicken fingers, plus sides of fries, chips, or onion rings are available at this made-to-order eatery.  

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Do you require anything else? There aren't a lot of frills, and the burgers are inexpensive. 

According to their website, once the burgers are gone, they're gone for the day. 

In 1961, Dub's Burgers opened for business in Athens.  However, don't worry, more will be available tomorrow. 

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