Which Dog Breeds Are the Smartest? 

This level of intelligence includes not only the ability to follow instructions and get things done, but also flexibility and problem-solving skills.  

They are great choices for families, people, and jobs thanks to the breeds' well-deserved reputation for mental agility.  

These dog breeds are known as the brainiacs of the canine kingdom due to their intelligence, passion to please, and rapid command learning abilities.  

Border Collies are highly intelligent dogs that thrive on mental and physical challenges. They are known for their remarkable agility and obedience.  

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They are perfect as working dogs or athletes because to their strong energy and laser-like concentration.  

Border Collies typically live between twelve and fifteen years, and they weigh approximately thirty to forty-five pounds and are about eighteen to twenty-two inches tall.  

They thrive in settings that challenge them mentally and physically. 

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